North Cyprus News | Will the Opposition Parties Hold it Together?

North Cyprus News | Will the Opposition Parties Hold it Together?North Cyprus News | Will the Opposition Parties Hold it Together?

The Kibris newspaper (21.05.13) reports that the “motion of censure” against the National Unity Party (UBP) will be discussed on Monday 27th May 2013. The motion was signed by 26 deputies: 14 from the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), 3 from the Social Democracy Party (TDP), 2 from the Democratic Party (DP) and 7 from the ruling UBP. This was the first time in the history of the TRNC that members of a ruling party have signed a motion against their own government. Three UBP deputies, who opposed prime minister Irsen Kucuk, did not sign the motion. These are Kemal Durust, Mehmet Tancer and Ejder Aslanbaba.

The deputies, who submitted the motion, suggested that early elec should take place on 29th September 2013, but Irsen Kucuk made a proposal of 21st July 2013 as the date. TDP and DP did not accept Kucuk’s proposal, although the CTP thought that this proposal was worthy of evaluation as the sooner the elections the better. Both proposals were accepted by the assembly and sent to the legal and political affairs committee, which decided that the early elections should be held on 28 July, 2013. The decision was taken with the votes of the members of the commission and the final word on the issue will be said by the assembly on Thursday 23rd May 2013.

Afrika newspaper (21.05.13) reports that the CTP did not remain loyal to the agreement it had signed with other opposition parties and published an article under the title “CTP saved Kucuk”. The article says that the CTP changed its decision upon instructions received from Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It is said that Erdogan called former Turkish Cypriot leader Talat and asked him to prevent the overthrowing of the UBP government. According to Afrika, Irsen Kucuk thanked CTP for its “sensitivity”.

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