North Cyprus News | Turkish Airlines Strike

North Cyprus News | Turkish Airlines StrikeNorth Cyprus News | Turkish Airlines Strike

Although the Turkish Airline strike yesterday seems to have had little impact, this was only the first attempt by the Hava-Is union to challenge the airline over pay and staffing issues.

‘The Hava-Is labor union started the strike at 3 a.m., demanding the reinstatement of 305 former employees. The organization also seeks a 12 percent pay increase this year, against the company’s offer of 3 percent raise in the first half and another 3 percent in the second, union Chairman Atilla Aycin said in an April 10 interview.’

Turkish Airlines Chairman Hamdi Topcu played down the impact of the strike, saying that it had not gained support from employees.

“The reason we did not declare a lockout was because our employees in large numbers informed us that they are happy with conditions … and don’t accept the [union’s] reasons for a strike,” he told Reuters. “This is turning into a scandal for the union.”

But then they would say that.

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