North Cyprus News | TRNC Cigarette Smugglers Caught in South

North Cyprus News | TRNC Cigarette Smugglers Caught in South

Another story covered by Cyprus Today yesterday is of two British women, one aged 36 and one 20 years old, caught at Larnaca Airport waiting to board a UK flight with 623 packets of cigarettes and 300 packets of tobacco, all allegedly purchased in the TRNC.

The ‘ladies’ were detained at 10.00 pm. on Wednesday after customs officers found the loot hidden at the bottom of their cases.

On Thursday, the ‘ladies’ appeared in Larnaca court and were fined 2000 euros and had the loot confiscated. They allegedly stood to make an 8000 euro profit on selling their cigarettes/tobacco in the UK.

Was it worth it? Clearly they missed their flight so will have to pay for another one. They lost their ‘loot,’ down on the value of that, and also a 2000 euro fine. The ‘ladies’ were not named in Cyprus Today, so maybe, just maybe, their good name is intact.

On this occasion crime did not pay. Ladies, whoever you are, I hope you learned a valuable lesson from this experience.

Pandora S Box

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