North Cyprus News | Taking the Pistol

North Cyprus News | Taking the PistolNorth Cyprus News | Taking the Pistol

When I read this I must admit I fell about laughing. I almost picked up my pen and wrote to complain that bank personnel carrying guns might well bring the banking industry into disrepute under Bank Law 39/2001.

Revolver Permits Distributed at Will

It has been widely reported how the Council of Ministers have been issuing land, citizenships and jobs in the hope of winning votes. They deny these allegations. Now a new aspect of vote buying has come to light: gun licenses.

In the last meet of the Council of Ministers, 15 revolver licenses were issued and frankly it seems hard to justify these on a rational basis. Vakiflar Bank president Cem Pismis and fellow director Dervis Eksici have both been issued licenses. Are they anticipating a bank robbery?

Prominent businessmen Mehmet Cangar and Hasan Kumyali now also have revolver licenses.

Among other questionable licence issues is that to Munur Korman the Antalya Culture Attach√© to the TRNC.”

I wonder why bank personnel feel the need to carry a gun?  It seems it easier to get citizenship if you are Turkish, or a licence to own a revolver, than it is to get Permission to Purchase if a certain bank does not want you to have it.


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