North Cyprus New | Happy Birthday Pauline!

North Cyprus New | Happy Birthday Pauline!WITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus New | Happy Birthday Pauline!

Is it really only three years ago since I wrote this?

“Ollie Came To Say ‘Happy Birthday’
Wednesday, June 9, 2010 by Name & Address Supplied

My birthday, after the events of Sunday was predictably a non event. Chris and I had planned a quiet dinner at the Silver Rocks, our favourite place to eat for a special occasion.

We are both feeling vulnerable and at a time like this you need your friends around you. My Turkish Cypriot friends, Fatma and Guneş of Cod Baba, were therefore surprised when we walked in. With sensitivity and kindness this lovely couple made us welcome and as usual I had my favourite cod roe and chips (still in training to be the Fat Lady). As we were eating I saw a bouquet of beautiful flowers being brought in by the delivery man. True to her usual way, Fatma came and presented them to me and kissed me on both cheeks. If I had been blessed enough to have a daughter, Fatma would be her.



We arrived home 10ish and noticed that there were feathers and a little ‘present’ on the kitchen floor. Perhaps, as it was my birthday, the word present is not the right one. Let’s just say if you step in it, it is supposed to be lucky. Obviously we searched the house for our visitor but to no avail. We assumed s/he must have gone out the way s/he came in.

This morning, Chris’s birthday (he is 60 – my toy boy), I walked into the living room and something came flying at me. The poor thing was terrified. We quickly opened all the windows and doors and after much coaxing in the right direction our little visitor flew out of the window to safety. Look who came to say Happy Birthday to me and decided to stay the night so that s/he could say Happy Birthday to Chris. How did s/he get in? Perhaps Santa sent the beautiful little Scops-Owl.

In all the chaos and confusion that is our lives, and I include all of the Kulaksiz 5 in that statement, a little joy flew down my chimney.”

Since we had the lid put on the chimney, I am glad to report that we do not have any chimney visitors now but the owls are frequent visitors and it is lovely to see them sate on the fence every morning.

When I wrote the article above I was deeply unhappy, just two days after the auction that so deeply traumatised all of the Kulaksiz 5. I am a lot better about it now although I will never accept it. Those who still live on the site are still deeply traumatised, living as they do with the enemy and the landowner’s treacherous family as neighbours. Salt on the wound?

Never give in never give

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