North Cyprus News | Residency Revisited


North Cyprus News | Residency Revisited

Despite some wishing it to be so, Pauline Read was not denied her residency when she re-applied for it.

North Cyprus Residency Renewal Procedure Commended
Saturday, September 1, 2012 by Pauline Ann Read

Now that you have all read about my adventures in my quest for renewal of residency, I do feel I should tell you the procedure involved if for no other reason than to commend the Police in Girne and the staff at the Government Office who made it so easy and dealt with it so efficiently.

Too often one complains about bad service and then forgets to commend good. The service Agile and I received from both the above mentioned was exemplary.

We attended the Police Station on the 10th August 2012 and although we had to wait a little to obtain our number in the queue. Even though there appeared to be a lot of people in front of us, the whole process including the waiting took barely 20 minutes. The female Police Officer who dealt with us was friendly, courteous and efficient. She responded to my enquiries, showed sympathy to my obvious discomfort when signing the form and made the whole process a breeze. She told us to go to Lefkosa in two weeks time to complete the second stage of the process and have the visa put in our passports.

We decided to leave it three weeks and yesterday, just three weeks to the day we attended the Ministry of the Interior residency office to complete the process. As you all know I was very anxious about this. I need not have been, again from start to finish, including queuing, took less than 20 minutes. The young man who dealt with this process was exceptional. He greeted us with the words ‘welcome’ looked into our passports, went behind the scenes and returned with our two files. He dealt with mine first and asked no questions about what he read. During this time we exchanged a few pleasantries even a joke with the young man, when he asked me if I wanted two years, well of course I said ‘yes please’. Agile had his fingers crossed the whole time whilst I silently prayed.

We went across to the pay office, returned with the receipts, visa was entered into the passports and job done. When we returned to the car, we just sat there laughing such was our relief.

I feel I should also mention that our new Muhtar in Edremit did not charge us to complete our Muhtar’s letters, so the only cost for those was 1.65 lira each for the stamp.

The cost of the stamp that goes on the visa in your passport was 8.50 lira.

The cost of the two year visa was 433 lira each.

Will I be here when the next visa becomes due? I really do not know.

Pauline Read

It seems at least that department of the Ministry of the Interior did not hold her so called ‘police enquiry’ against her for that particular procedure.  However the Project Director at the PTP office in the same Ministry had no trouble in allegedly handing over her PTP file to member of the family owner of ***DELETED*** Bank. What is all that about? His reason for requesting it, allegedly, is that Ms Read had been saying bad things about the UBP party. Something I do not recollect seeing in writing and since I am sure Ms Read does not have frequent conversations with the said gentleman, why was his word taken? I have seen things written about certain members of the UBP party, but never about the party itself and I do not recollect any of these things being written by Ms. Read. I also recollect whatever was said was backed up with evidence. NCFP will not allow anything to be published that cannot be backed up with evidence.

How can a file sent in to a Government Department be handed to a member of a family involved in litigation with the person whose file they were handed so freely? What ever happened to CONFIDENTIALITY or indeed HUMAN RIGHTS?

Would that be the same file they claimed to have LOST causing Ms Read to have to start the procedure all over again?

From Jan 2013

The cost of renewing your residency for the over 60’s two year renewal is now 455 lira and the stamp for the passport where the residency renewal is stamped is 9.50 lira.

The cost of a one year residency is 227 lira with the stamp for the passport entry 9.50 lira.

Please note that a two year renewal is only available to the over 60 expat and at the discretion of the Government.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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