North Cyprus News | Another One Bites the Dust!


North Cyprus News | Another One Bites the Dust!

Agile and I had the sad task of taking yet another friend to the airport, leaving North Cyprus, another one who thought this might be the ideal place to retire and finding it just is not. Another good friend who dared dream the dream and found he just could not live with the nepotism, cronyism and corruption any longer.  Our friend fortunately did not buy here so only had to leave behind a rented accommodation.

So many British ex pats are leaving. We are told that they will be replaced by Russian ex pats. If what I have been reading is correct in a few years, they will be leaving too, poorer and wiser.

How sad that North Cyprus must suffer this way because of a few greedy individuals out to make the proverbial ‘fast buck’. How sad that those who should see this appear not to.

“There’s none so blind as those who will not see. ” This is an old proverb, but still true today, especially in north Cyprus.

I pulled out this quote from a previous article:

“Your Founding President Mr. Rauf Denktaş has said to me that ‘Ex Patriots are an important asset of this country’ . I am an old woman but if I were Minister of Finance I would be protecting my country’s assets.”

It was true when the late Mr Denktas said it, it is true now but where is there someone of Mr Denktas’s stature and vision to carry this country forward?

Maybe Mr Ozersay Kudret is that man, but he must turn his Movement into a Political party to achieve anything.





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