North Cyprus News | ‘Karpas Airlines’ to Replace CTA

North Cyprus News | 'Karpas Airlines' to Replace CTANorth Cyprus News – ‘Karpas Airlines’ to Replace CTA

According to Star Kibris (21.01.14) the chairman of Have-Sen, Buran Atakan, stated that a new airline is to be launched to replace the north Cyprus state airline CTA, Turkish Cypriot Airways (KTHY), which collapsed in 2010. Hava Sen is the CTA trade union.

The name of the new firm is to be “Karpaz Hava Yollari” (Karpas Airways) and it will start its operations in April, in about 10 weeks time. The company is registered in Turkey and tickets can be booked at…well certainly not at or .net and not at, the old CTA airline website as that’s being used by a charter company. Not a chance, is my gut reaction.

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