North Cyprus News | Jasmine Smell in Nicosia Again?

North Cyprus News | Jasmine Smell in Nicosia Again?North Cyprus News | Jasmine Smell in Nicosia Again?

The slogan, ‘jasmine scented Nicosia’, used by the former mayor, did not end up in a sweet smelling situation, since the rubbish in the streets had not been collected regularly since the conflict between the workers and mayor began last year. As you may know, hundreds of additional employees were hired during his time, but the economical crisis did not permit paying them all, so they all had to be dismissed. After an ongoing strike, Mr.Cemal Bulutogullari, the former municipality leader of Nicosia, resigned.

Last Sunday was a big day for all the citizens living in Nicosia. The voters had to choose the new municipality leader from several ambitious candidates. Eventually, Mr.Kadri Fellahoglu from the Republican Turkish Party has been appointed the new mayor.

Hopefully, the new period will put all the promises that have been made into practice. It is high time that cheaper public transportation, safe roads and clean streets were implemented in Nicosia this year.



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