North Cyprus Travel | The Oldest Town On Earth – Çatalhöyük

ÇatalhöyükNorth Cyprus Travel | The Oldest Town On Earth – Çatalhöyük

Anatolia (modern day Turkey) is arguably the home of more ancient history than any other place in the world. Northern Cyprus is therefore ideally situated for those who would like to make short trips to brush up on their knowledge of early civilized man. One place well worth a visit, the site of the earliest town ever, is only about four hours drive after crossing on the ferry from Girne to Tasuku (Nr Silifke). If you don’t want to make the long crossing with a car, you can sail on the passenger hydrofoil and continue your journey by bus and taxi. Silifke to the city of Konya is about 160 miles.

Çatalhöyük (look it up on the internet) is around 35 miles south-east of Konya, on the central Turkish Plain. It has been excavated by mostly British and Turkish archaeologists over the past 50 years and was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012. This nearly ten thousand year-old town was, at its peak, home to about ten thousand people living in small mud-brick houses with no windows or doors. Entry was down a ladder, via the opening in the roof where the smoke went out. Occupied by many generations over about 1,700 years, the inhabitants lived in what could be described as a golden age as, in some ways, they were more civilized than much of the world is today. Although life expectancy was short, there is no sign of discrimination between the sexes or social classes and there were no wars. These were late stone-age people, living before the discovery of metal or writing. They were the first farming community, growing crops and domesticating farm animals. They made pottery and figurines, painted murals and had a religion, burying their departed under their floors, and appeared to live in peace and harmony with each other.

If you don’t like travel by sea, you can fly from Ercan to Adana and travel from there to Konya by train or bus. Alternatively fly all the way, via Istanbul.

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