North Cyprus News | Anastasiades Brings Hope of a Cyprus Solution

North Cyprus News | Anastasiades Brings Hope of a Cyprus Solution

Nicos Anastasiades was positive about there being a greater possibility of solution to the Cyprus problem which would be more acceptable to Turkish Cypriots in North Cyprus.

“What interests us is a solution that will not only be accepted by Greeks, but of course by Turkish Cypriots as well, particularly a solution that creates the expectation of development,” he said.

Anastasiades also talked about a solution which included the European Union.

“I am addressing the Turkish Cypriot citizens. I want to express my intention for an European solution that will lead us to peace, fraternity and a modern nation, respectful of the human rights of every citizen and that will create expectations of progress and welfare. We want a country undiscriminating and multicultural. In this effort to end an unacceptable situation with regards to the EU and international community, I am sure that we will have the backing of all our friends. A new stage starts today for Cyprus.”

At the moment, of course, there can only be words but there are indications that in April Anastasiades intends to restart the process which his predecessor appeared to have never intended to complete. There are also indications that Turkish Cypriots feel they can work with Anastasiades, which was never the case with Christofias.

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