North Cyprus Government | Who Controls the TRNC Police Force?

North Cyprus Government | Who Controls the TRNC Police Force?

Kibris newspaper (05.09.13) reports that Izzet Izcan, chairman of the United Cyprus party (BKP), has said that recent senior promotions in the TRNC police force were made in an “unjust and arbitrary manner” and that the new CTP-DP government had no say in these.  He goes so far as to say that this shows “who possesses power in the country.” Added to this, Izcan alleges that the government has no power to impose sanctions on the TRNC police force should they not enforce laws passed by the government. Sorry to keep bringing up the topic but, to me, the most visible example of this is that although it is illegal to drive a motorbike without a crash helmet motorcyclists assume the TRNC police force aren’t interested in enforcing this law and that they can drive past a police car without worrying about being stopped and prosecuted for not wearing a helmet. For more serious but less visible crimes suffer from the same treatment.

The TRNC police force are controlled by the Turkish security forces command and, according to Izcan, it is essential for the police to be under the control of the government.  Prime Minister Yorganciolu has implied that those people, such as defrauded property victims, who feel that have been unjustly treated should apply to courts for redress, as they are already doing. However, Izcan implies that in order for property victims, for example, to have their court orders enforced the government needs to remove the problems caused by the TRNC police force not enforcing court judgements. To this end the government should make the necessary amendments in the Constitution and remove the director of the police from his duties.

Cemal Ozyigit, general secretary of the Social Democracy Party (TDP), agrees that it is absolutely necessary to transfer power over the TRNC police force to civilians and he believes that this would democratise the country. Ozyigit explained that the TRNC police force is bound to the Prime Minister’s office only on paper and it was unacceptable that Prime Minister Yorganciolu was not informed of the promotions.

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