North Cyprus Government | CTP-DP Unenforceable Principles

North Cyprus Government | CTP-DP Unenforceable PrinciplesNorth Cyprus Government | CTP-DP Unenforceable Principles

Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancıoğlu has said that when the North Cyprus CTP-DP coalition government program is presented to parliament on Friday it will be will be a programme of action. Özkan says this programme will have the same principles as Sibel Siber’s Interim Government: principles of justice, transparency and accountability. He said that amongst the new government’s priorities will be to revise and amend the law governing political parties, the TRNC constitution, the law on interest rates and to introduce a series of sweeping public sector reforms.

“Our aim is to have the parliamentary committees convene everyday to prepare new laws” he said, without explaining how these laws would be enforced in a country with roads visibly full of motorcyclists driving around freely, but illegally, without crash helmets. Whilst NCFP loves the sentiments of this government, as it has admired the sentiments of previous governments only to be disappointed when none of them had the ability, or perhaps even the will, to fulfil these promises.

More cynical observers say the CTP-DP will collapse from internal, selfish, infighting long before any of these principles even reach the law books.

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