North Cyprus Government | Plan to Prevent Electricity Rise

North Cyprus Government – Plan to Prevent Electricity Rise

Caglayan Cesurer, the head of the Electricity Union, EL-SEN, has asked Mrs Siber, the North Cyprus Government Parliamentary Speaker, to shift  90m TL from the municipalities 2014 budget directly to Kib-Tek Electricity Authority. The municipalities owe Kib-Tek around 120mTL so the idea is for the North Cyprus Government to pay this debt directly to them, reducing municipality budgets accordingly. Cesurer believes this cunning plan will overturn current, or prevent future, electricity rises. So, with the municipalities short of cash, they’ll probably stop paying their workers, who’ll stop paying their electricity bills or perhaps the government will even start collecting the tax they’re owed.

One idea regularly being suggested on NCFP is for the North Cyprus Government to issue permissions to purchase outstanding for over a year so that with all these title deeds becoming available, so does the property tax. Trouble is, when the title deeds are issued and the paperwork turned over they will probably reveal mortgages taken out by the builders, without the knowledge of the purchasers. That is if the builder is even prepared to transfer the title deeds and reveal their fraud.

Something is going to give in the TRNC, and 2014 feels like the year for it to happen. But what, and what will be the impact of facing up to this logjam of problems? Facing up to problems doesn’t seem to be the Cypriot way unless there is a crisis forced upon them. Perhaps Turkey will pick up the bill and let the North Cyprus Government start afresh building up new debts? If the Cyprus Talks fail, perhaps they will quietly take over using the withdrawal of their cash contribution as a lever. Some say, this has already started.



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