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Long Distance Christmas Present Idea | Kiva Gift Card

Long Distance Christmas Present Idea | Kiva Gift CardLong Distance Christmas Present Idea – Kiva Gift Card

I’d like to recommend a present which I’ve given in the past, the Kiva Gift Card. This can be sent by email and so if you’re living in Cyprus it would be a present not dependant on the post. The idea is that you buy gifts in units of $25 and lend this money to people starting up a business. Mostly in ‘under-banked’ countries, but not limited to those. After 6-12 months, when the money is usually paid off, whoever you gave the present to can either re-lend it or withdraw the cash and spend it on themselves.

Here is what Kiva has to say:

‘Finding gifts can be difficult, but Kiva Cards are an easy choice. Kiva Cards introduce your friends and family to Kiva, giving them the opportunity to choose borrowers to support. When their loans are repaid, they can use those funds again and again to make even more loans on Kiva. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving!’

Here is the video and the link to find out more Kiva

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