in Cyprus Star – 1/10/2010

Fog of War: Mosque bombed, Greeks get the blame – former Turkish General Sabri Yirmibeşoğlu admitted to fire bombing a mosque in Cyprus in order to “increase the animosity to Greeks on Cyprus.”

Boat is fired at – the South Cyprus Foreign Ministry claimed on Monday that a Turkish patrol boat fired warning shots at a Greek Cypriot fishing boat in international waters off the Karpaz peninsula. The incident, the first of its kind in 10 years, was reported to the UN.

Mud City: what kind of life is this for them? – migrants from Turkey are being charged 200-250TL per month to live in shanty homes in ‘Mud City’ in Haspolat outside Lefkoşa. The city is so named because rain turns it into a mud pit.

Hataboy – Agriculture Minister Zorlu Töre says if embargoes continue, and the peace deal is off, then uniting with Turkey will be the only offer on the table. This attitude did not go down well with the political opposition leaders.

Bill will hit and hurt us – the, as yet not passed, Social Insurance Amendment Bill, is being accused of aiming to severely limit the social security entitlements of those with Social Insurance who become unemployed or who retire. The complaint is that people who have been paying into the insurance for years on the understanding that they would be able to retire at a particular age or receive unemployment benefits at a certain level now find these benefits have been severely reduced.

20-year wait on transplants nearly over? – the TRNC hopes to establish a transplant centre here to help the current 132 patients mainly awaiting a new kidney. Until now this has been impossible because EU standards have not been met. This meant that patients had to travel abroad for these operations.

Village under siege from killer wild dogs – apparently dogs dumped near Geçitköy are attacking farm animals and villagers are asking for something to be done about it.  One local said that instead of dumping them these dogs should be given to animal shelters. Editor: I believe that KAR, for example, is full and all they can do is neuter the animal and release it back to the wild. Looks like the villagers will be using poison then. I may be wrong but this is a common response in these situations where the alternative is lost income for the villagers.

Law enforcers serve up ‘doors closed’ threats – Health officials and council law enforcers raided restaurants in the Çatalköy area without warning and took Cyprus Star reporters along with them. The Mayor of Çatalköy came along too. Those found breaking food safety regulations were warned that if these infringements were repeated at a follow-up visit then they would be closed.

Checks on ‘black hole’ switch to trade port – there is an estimated $1.8bn tax revenue loss being made each year because items are being illegally imported without paying duties. Ercan airport had been checked recently but this time it was Gazamağusa port. 70 vehicles were checked as they left the port and 25 were found to be carrying unregistered goods and produce.

Dealership loss would be ‘massive blow to us’ – Çangar Motors is believed to be losing their BMW franchise.

You sixy thing, Turkcell – “transparent 3G tests” were conducted in 5 locations throughout the TRNC  in front of the press and an impartial legal representative showing that Turkcell was up to six times faster than competitor uploads and double their download speed. Turkcell tests showed 4 288Kbps downloads and 2 191 Kbps uploads.

Küçük: Dreams will keep is in good wealth – talking about workforce and other reforms,  PM Küçük said that these changes will bring about a healthy socio-economic standard for the TRNC. He pointed to increased VAT, traffic education projects, Dikmen Dump improvement and stringent EU standard checks to be made on vehicles and produce.

No deal on wages – the body setting minimum wages failed to reach an agreement so it will remain at 1237TL per month.

Chamber: We’re looking at ‘organised counterfeiting’ – Fake architects, who have allegedly paid lecturers up to 60 000TL for their degrees, have started practising and are so a potential risk to the public. Turkey’s Chamber of Architects discovered that 30 of their members had forged certificates from Eastern Mediterranean University, Near east University, Girne American University, Cyprus International University and Lefke European University. Editor: could this be just the tip of the iceberg?

Kulaksiz 5 plans to ‘hush-up’ its protest to Turkey – a two-pronged approach is being used  by K5, a silent candlelit vigil and an application to the ECHR. Editor: excellent, full coverage, plus a picture of Pauline

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