Cyprus Problem | US Vice President Biden Chooses Sides

Cyprus Problem | US Vice President Biden Chooses SidesCyprus Problem – US Vice President Biden Chooses Sides

A great deal of hope was expressed by the south with the coming to Cyprus of US Vice President Biden. In the case of the south, it looks like that hope was well placed. Joe Biden became the first senior American official to visit the island of Cyprus in 52 years. Some thought the shooting of the US Ambassador to Cyprus by Greek Cypriots in 1974 would make him less amenable to Greek Cypriots and perhaps he would show even-handedness. Not so.

He refused to be photographed with TRNC or Turkish flags during his visit to the north and refused to be photographed by the press with TRNC President Eroglu.

‘We will not forgive those who accept our people to be degraded via the removal of our flags and symbols just because the American vice president has come. What do you expect from an American official who neither poses for pictures with you nor respects your position?’ TRNC Sovereignty Movement Initiative group founder Emete Gozuguzelli said on Facebook.

Kibris Time columnist Levent Ozadam also criticised the removal of the flags.

‘Biden promises us that this time things will be different. We are sure of this, but different in what way? How are you going to deal justly and equally between two peoples and bring back the long-awaited and missed solution when you recognize one flag but not the other?’

Oh well, another dream shattered.


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