Cyprus News | Alsancak Belediye Fails to Deliver Water Again!

Cyprus News | Alsancak Belediye Fails to Deliver Water Again!

It’s July and according to Marion Stuart on FaceBook, Alsancak Belidiye are once again failing to deliver mains water:

“Beginning to realise the true value of water, and also the true value of people I am surrounded by! No water for 8 days, and even the Muhtar can’t be bothered to find out why. Or if she has, she ain’t telling. My poor plants are dying, and I shall soon need more Chanel 5! Why don’t people communicate here?Growl, growl.”

Alsancak Belediye took over the water supply from the local Muhtar four years ago and at a stroke solved the water supply problem by stopping locals in Malatya village from turning off the water supply to houses below them. As Marion lives in the village, this is unlikely to be the cause this time and it is more likely to be a failed pump or other mechanical problem.

However, it appears that part of the monthly water bill payment to Alsancak Belediye includes the supply of water either by mains or by tanker. They would obviously like to keep this fact to themselves but a trip upstairs to the water department in the council building should soon confirm this. Local tanker companies would also like to keep this fact secret as they can charge around 15TL a ton for water to be delivered, compared to the 1TL a ton Alsancak Belediye should charge!

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