Cyprus Bailout | We Wuz Robbed!

Cyprus Bailout | We Wuz Robbed!WITHOUT PREJUDICE

Cyprus Bailout | We Wuz Robbed!

It seems that the general consensus of opinion is that the RoC Government are rooking those who saved for that rainy day. Odd isn’t it that in a country that has so much sunshine the Government thinks it is acceptable to reach in and relieve the saver of a large chunk of their rainy day money. Seems that saving and being prudent does not work any better than buying a property in Cyprus for thousands, regardless of your nationality.

“Punishing those who are wise enough to put money away for a rainy day will not help the economy get back onto a solid footing. Butch, Jesse, and Bonnie and Clyde were just ahead of their times” [Washington Times]

You can just imagine as the balances of those with over €100,000 reduce without a single action on the part of the account holder and the villain does not even wear a mask. At the touch of a button… down down down it goes. No need for guns or bullets, technology has taken care of that, but the end result it still the same, the villain wins, you lose.

Cue the ending, to the strains of  ‘…do not forsake me oh my darling’, you have been scammed, robbed, betrayed by those you trusted to look after your money which of course was your future.

Cue credits.

Bandit No 1 – Government

Bandit No 2 – Bank

Two bit players in a B cowboy movie.


Calamity Jane

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