Cyprus Bailout | Sign of the Times?

Cyprus Bailout | Sign of the Times?

The BBC has just reported that about 30 migrant workers, mostly Bangladeshi and Pakistani, have been injured in a shooting on a strawberry farm in Greece, apparently after asking for outstanding salaries to be paid. The owner of the farm in Nea Manolada and one foreman have been arrested. Arrest warrants for two further suspects have been issued.

Nea Manolada, about 260km (160 miles) west of Athens, is an area where in spite of massive unemployment amongst the local population,  thousands of migrant workers are employed every year. The town has previously been in the spotlight over exploitation of migrants and in 2008 workers staged a strike against inhuman conditions and non-payment of wages. There have also been reports of previous attacks.

Could this be a sign of how it might become in the south?

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