Cyprus Bailout Failure | “Blame it On the Boogie”


Cyprus Bailout Failure | “Blame it On the Boogie”

Just reading some of the comments on the ongoing tragedy that is the state of the economy in the Republic of Cyprus, I am still amazed that so many want to place the blame on anyone but the poor governance that ROC have had with successive Governments.

It really made me think of the Jackson 5 hit where the chorus says:

“Don’t blame it on sunshine

Don’t blame it on moonlight

Don’t blame it on good times

Blame it on the boogie”

So who is the ‘Boogie Man’? Some say it is a boogie woman; Angela Merkel. Of course the EU takes the blame, as does the Turkish Government, the Cyprob and anyone or thing else that comes to mind. Only very rarely do you hear the real ‘Boogie Man’ mentioned… themselves.

It was thought a brilliant idea to join the EU even though the island was still divided and this in itself should have prevented the event. Membership of the Euro was granted too. Be careful what you wish for, it may not always be what you need.

Now it looks as if mother Russia is the answer. The Republic of Cypruski with the capital Lefkoscow. Instead of seeing the obvious, that the answer lies at home not abroad, they are still looking to someone else to solve their home-made problems.

The first step would be to acknowledge they got themselves into the mess, it is now up to them to get themselves out of it.

It is important that when you embark on playing the ‘blame game’ you should remember that no one is ever blameless.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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