Aga Saga | HZ Homer “virtually sorted out”

Aga Saga – HZ Homer “virtually sorted out”

For anyone not up to speed on the Aga Saga, here’s another little gem.

“The following email was sent to us from a worried Amaranta Buyer. It appears that the Amaranta Buyers Reps (ABR) are asking for more money to give to Kutsal Tokatlioglu and Mustafa Altan. The ABR reps wanted nothing to do with the escrow account held by the now defunct Amaranta buyers committee (ABC) but now they wish to give the balance to Kutsal Tokatlioglu and Mustafa Altan. Kutsal Tokatlioglu was a former director of AGA Development and a close cohort to Gary Robb. It appears they think that Kutsal Tokatlioglu and Mustafa Altan can get the title deeds. What use are title deeds to Amaranta buyers when the site is crumbling with no infrastructure


Dear Buyers

As you know on the 9th May we with Amaranta buyers Geoff Beswick, Rob & Lill Small, John & Judy Pape, Senay from Hz Omer, Kutsal & Mustafa met the Prime Minister, his personal secretary and another minister.

We gave a brief overview of our experience from 2004 to 2014, They listened intently and promised to help us find a solution.

Kutsal and Mustafa have spent the last 6 months trying to get a solution for us. They have virtually sorted out issues on Hz Omer and all buyers will soon have ptp and title deeds.

On the 16/05/14 K&M met the under-secretary, on the 21/05/14 they met again with the under-secretary, the PM and his personal secretary. The outcome is very positive and we will know what they proposed to do in a couple of weeks.

We are sure you all realise that K&M can’t keep doing this for nothing, as they, like the rest of us have bills. We have personally drip fed them over this period and feel we are close to getting what we want.

You are receiving this e-mail because you were one of the buyers that paid into the protocol escrow a/c. There is £2900 left in the escrow account and we would like your permission to give this money to K&M. Therefore your financial input will be paid for work done by them in the last 6 months.

This is a one of payment, we suggest a sum of £50.00 per buyer/ couple to help K&M for fuel and some living expenses. It will be made clear to K&M that there will be no other financial assistance until we see a clear statement from the Government that we will be given our land and properties.

All other buyers will be asked to pay £50 per couple and we will give details of a UK bank account for this to be paid into, it will then be sent to the TRNC to K&M’s account.

The total sum collected will allow K&M to be compensated for their efforts so far.

When we get the statement from the Government, K&M will continue work on parcelisation for our deeds.

When this work is done we will be in a position to collect our deeds if we so wish. These deeds are not land share (hisse) but deeds identifying your specific parcel and indicating if there is a part built property on it, this is not a hisse land share but an individual title deed.

Property tax will be due on completion of the development and not before.

If you do not want to support them please e-mail us and your £50 will remain in the escrow. In any event please say nay or nay.


The only property completed on the site belongs to ABR and they only will benefit from title deeds. Its the least that buyers should expect that Kutsal Tokatlioglu and Mustafa Altan should be working for nothing after all the money they have stolen from Amaranta Buyers, maybe they received no wages from Gary Robb but we think not All AGA directors gained financial reward from the AGA SAGA

To ALL Amaranta buyers please think carefully as to what you do with the £2900 in the escrow account and what you do with the extra £50 they are asking for and whose pockets you are lining – Kutsal Tokatlioglu and Mustafa Altan




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