Cyprus Law | Pick ‘n’ Mix Use of the Law


Cyprus Law – Pick ‘n’ Mix Use of the Law

The pick and mix attitude towards the law on the whole island of Cyprus is a mystery to those of us used to the UK way of administering the law.

So what do I mean by ‘pick and mix’. I am sure you remember the pick and mix sweet counter at good old Woolworths, you bought those you liked and ignored those you didn’t.

Well a certain bank we know picks Bank Law 39/2001 and threatens all and sundry with it to its advantage. Silencing its critics with it whenever they feel the need. It also believes it can ignore laws of behaviour when two of its owners decide to invade a TV studio and attack a defenceless camera man just doing his job.

We then have the law that says anyone, and that includes banks, must get a court order to be able to repossess property. This seems to be one of the ‘pick and mix’ laws they chose to ignore.

This picture shows a bank employee illegally entering and helping the bank to take Eva McCluskey’s villa WITHOUT a court order.Bank Bum going through the window.

This link takes you the more serious of the two break ins by the bank and show clearly they have no fear of consequences of any illegal acts on their part.

Although an Interim Injunction now exists prohibiting further evictions until the outcome of the case is known, no action has been taken to return the two they already HAVE taken and they even live in mine. How is that for thumbing your nose at the law?

Many people in Cyprus live in fear of their homes being taken from them because of the anathema of ‘stealth mortgages’ and memorandums. That it would be unjust, unfair and contrary to natural justice, seems not to matter on the whole island of Cyprus.

To return to the ‘pick and mix’ scenario. It would not matter if we were just talking about liquorice allsorts, mint humbugs and treacle toffee, but we are not. We are talking of the catastrophic effect of corruption, nepotism and cronyism on the lives of the innocent.

Pauline Read

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