Cyprus News | Russia to Use Paphos Military Airbase

Cyprus News | Russia to Use Paphos Military AirbaseCyprus News – Russia to Use Paphos Military Airbase

According to Cyprus Weekly, the south is expected to allow Russian military aircraft to use the Andreas Papandreou military airbase near Paphos and to let its naval vessels use Limassol port. Russian Defence Minister, Fotis Fotiou submitted the proposal on Thursday on the basis that the initial use of the base will be for humanitarian and emergency situations and the use of the storage facilities at the base will be prohibited. Fotiou has told the media that there was no mention of a permanent Russian base in Cyprus.

Only a very naive person would believe that this is not Russia’s first step towards a permanent presence in the south and that the only way that a use for ‘humanitarian and emergency situations’ would work would be to have materials stored on the airbase. What sort of emergencies would this cover, I wonder? The need to use military force in the Middle East perhaps? Surely there would also be the need to gather intelligence using spy equipment and of course with Russian aircraft now regularly flying close to the British base they could have an even close look at what is going on there, particularly at the Americans. All in theory of course.

Yeah, right, the Russian’s are just there for humanitarian reasons…

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