Cyprus News | Ex-Pats Are Leaving Cyprus


Cyprus News | Ex-Pats Are Leaving Cyprus

This article names its source as Halkin Sesi, the self same Turkish Cypriot newspaper that allowed itself to be used as a ‘mouthpiece’ by Akan Kursat the Advocate for Akfinans Bank Limited’s calling for my deportation. ¹

Not exactly news is it? Many have sold up and left north Cyprus for a variety of reasons, not solely because of the cost of living here.  Corruption is one of the major causes and the two tiered system for everything yet another, there are many more reasons.

Akfinans Bank Limited did fail in their call for my deportation, as did the utterly ridiculous FaceBook group who showed their hatred even in the title “TRNCYPRUS GOVERNMENT PLEASE DEPORT AND PUNISH THE BAD PAULINE READ”, which now ironically is a ‘secret ‘ group and the founder Fatma Lone aka Hak Hukuk aka you know who, has not commented since the 18th January 2014. Coincidentally the same time Mehmet Kaptan Bensen decided to vanish from the scene. An even greater irony is that the last post on there is from John Good also back in January 2014.

So it is noted that ex-pats are leaving the island of love that showed no love for them. What is not noted is that many more would like to leave but are finding it difficult to sell the one asset that will fund their leaving, their property.

My advice to anyone thinking of coming to Cyprus, north or south, would be come but keep a bolt hole elsewhere and do not buy, rent so that if you decide it is not for you, leaving will not be a problem.



Pauline Read

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