An Historic Solution is found for the Amaranta Buyers

An Historic Solution is found for the Amaranta Buyers

TRNC Prime minister Ozkan Yorgancioglu and his Government were true to their promise to help the Amaranta buyers to find a solution to their 10 year ordeal.

We the buyers are deeply indebted to the Government and would like to thank them for their determination in finding the best solution for all buyers involved with Gary Robb.

Eric & Julie Foreman are the Amaranta Buyers Representatives, they together with Kutsal Tokatlioglu & Mustafa Altan announce that a solution for the 400 buyers (200 properties) on Amaranta has now been found.

The buyers representatives, Kutsal Bey & Mustafa Bey have been working closely with the Prime Minister Yorgancioglu Bey and his Government for some months. Eric & Julie cannot express enough that, without the assistance of the buyers negotiators Kutsal Bey & Mustafa Bey and for their persistence and determination a solution was unlikely to have been found.

Over the last 10 years there have been many attempts to agree a solution with passing Governments but to no avail.

An amendment to a certain TRNC Law has been made. This was approved on the 23rd July by the Council of Ministers and will be published shortly in the Gazette.

This amendment will enable the land and property ownership to be taken from Gary Robb, then passed on to the buyers after parcellization etc.

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