Cyprus Mobile Phone Charges | Charge Me Double I'm Turkish Cypriot

Cyprus Mobile Phone Charges - Charge Me Double I'm Turkish CypriotI’m hearing all this good news about people in North Cyprus being able to use their mobile phones to phone the south. Apparently, because of fears about the recognition of the ‘pseudo-state’, it took 3 years instead of the 3 days it should have taken.

Now the details are available, it appears that there is a bit of a difference in the charges that Turkish and Greek Cypriots pay. Greek Cypriots phoning North Cyprus pay €0.29 per minute compared to €0.075 they pay for local calls. The newspaper Phileleftheros writes that a five-minute call from the end of Ledra street to French Guiana (French overseas department – considered EU land), 10,000 km away will cost €0.375, while a call to the Buyuk Han, just 100 metres away will cost €2.45, more than six times the price.

Turkish Cypriots phoning from North Cyprus to the south will be charged from 4 TL (€0.62) per minute. So, that’s why the title of this article is ‘Charge Me Double I’m Turkish Cypriot.’


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