You don’t have to be a rocket scientist

woolworthsDo I see a subtle change in the editorial policy of Cyprus Today?  Since the emergence of North Cyprus Free Press the tenor of the articles seem to have more bite more critique? The article today (3.10.09) over the fiasco with the supermarkets still falls a bit short of  actually calling the investors stupid for doing what they are doing. The attempt to blame the Government for letting too many private companies build supermarkets is laughable. Companies that themselves fail to do feasibility studies or budgetary planning are dinosaurs and we are seeing the creation of new “fossils.”

I see no mention of the small shops issue. My local Yapi Market with a turnover (on a good day) of about 50 GBP have costs of around 835 GBP per month after adding rent, electric and rates and so you don’t have to be the Brain of North Cyprus to see how long it can survive? Then taking into account financing stock and paying staff means it’s a ‘no brainer’ from the start.

I counted the shops between the small Starling market and Karsiyaka on the way home today – 105 shops (not including cafés and pubs) and of these there are 71 empty or in the process of being built. That is on a stretch of just 7km of coast road. Apart from the impact on the environment and the healthy sales of cement and glass, just what is going to happen to them? Is this a case of a lack of sound planning from local entrepreneurs or is the government really at fault again because they didn’t warn the investors to exercise due diligence?

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