NCFP surpasses expectations

stats-031009North Cyprus Free Press was started as a reaction to the possibility that local newspapers have to tow the line because either the government or the newspaper’s advertisers might disapprove if their stories took a truthful but unpopular stance. It was also when Cyprus Today found Gez the hairdresser guilty of forgery in its pages when in fact he had been released without charge.

The graph above shows that you, the readers, think the newspaper is worth reading and yesterday NCFP received 880 visitors who seemed to prefer politics, food and drink above all other topics. Somehow Saturday’s edition of Cyprus Today managed to completely ignore the fact that Greek Cypriots at Nicosia Stadium had been allowed to display to the world a banner stating that “Cyprus is Greek” and yet this is the most popular article viewed on NCFP. Whatever you want to read we’re happy to publish. Thank you.

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