Turkish Airlines – “communication in Istanbul Airport let them down”

Turkish Airlines - "communication in Istanbul Airport let them down"I have been holding back on writing about my nightmare return journey from Birmingham on Thursday last. The reason, I was Bailiff dodging, but events of this Thursday proved to me how futile this is, especially when your name is Pauline Read and your have a Kulaksiz 5 court appearance to make.

As you all know, I was well and truly served with two police officers to witness the event.  They assured me that was not why they were there, but the speed with which they disappeared after the ‘event’ sort of makes me wonder.

Anyway, back to the previous Thursday.  I was booked on the Turkish Airlines flight out of Birmingham at  11.30 am, due to arrive in Istanbul at 17.20, then to get my connection to Ercan leaving at 18.36.  Sounded a very comfortable time lapse, more than adequate to make the connection comfortably.   I have to admit I had not been aware of the bad weather conditions in Istanbul until I got talking to people in Birmingham airport.   A consequence of the weather was the delay in leaving Birmingham, and since we were still a long way out from Istanbul by the time we should be boarding the second flight to Ercan, I thought, okay I am not going to make my second flight on time.  Imagine then my joy when departing the plane, passengers for Ercan were being herded to one side.   Oh I thought, how nice, the onward flight must have been delayed or they have held the flight for us.

We followed the Turkish Airlines staff and at one point went outside the building and then back inside.   The nine passengers were then told to to hurry to gate 310, which we did.  Now this is where my joy turned to sorrow tinged with anger.   The staff on the gate would not let us through and were quite adamant that the flight gate was closed.   A break down in communication had obviously taken place.   We then all had to traipsed out of the departure lounge and make our way back to the Transit desk.   As you can imagine, the weather conditions had caused pandemonium at the airport and the queues at the Transit desk were horrendous.   Eventually we were all issued with new boarding cards for the late flight back to Ercan.   I think I was extremely fortunate to get on as my seat number was 28A; the last row.
After yet another gate change, I realised I had passed through security four times during my adventure at Istanbul airport.

This flight was also delayed and the machine was blowing hot air onto the wings even as we sat on the plane waiting for take off.

Instead of arriving back at Ercan at 21.10, I arrived back 02.00 the following morning.

I have always thought Turkish Airlines as one of the better airlines.  I still do, however, but communication in Istanbul airport let them down on this occasion.  I do hope they do better when I fly to Chicago with them in the early summer.   I already have my ticket.

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