Northern Cyprus Airlines launches today in time for Easter

The foundation agreement of “Northern Cyprus Airlines” will be signed on today as a consortium of the government, the “private sector and a company from Turkey” get together, according to  The TRNC’s Public Works and Transportation Minister Ersan Saner said that the new company would fly to 11 destinations with three planes, starting from the end of March in time for Easter.

There were rumours published in the English speaking press that NCA would honour CTA tickets but this has not been confirmed. With six week to go before the first flight, you have to wonder how you book these flights, especially as you would imagine that Stansted airport would have to have been involved by now. Compared to the heady times of CTA, there is a now more competition and so those thinking of booking for Easter may be better waiting in order to see if NCA drives prices down.

Pegasus at the moment are charging over £300 return for the Easter periods 9-16th or 16-23rd April which is a quite high when you consider that a few years ago tickets were around £200. It is clear that without the new airline, prices will remain high but will this semi-national carrier manage to reduce prices or will they keep in line with the competition, fly half empty and risk failure? Let’s hope they buck the trend.

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