Charge me double, I’m British!

overchargedIt has become apparent since I first came to live here in May 2006, that the so called ‘Professionals’ are valuing their services very highly. Most of us have noticed that the Advocates charges an ‘arm and a leg’ for their services. The Dentists and Medical Practitioners were reasonably priced when I first settled here but now the costs for their services have rocketed, way out of proportion to the minimum wage the average none skilled person is expected to live on.

One thing that did strike me even in 2005/6 is that if you employed a Solicitor outside of London to ‘buy and sell’, remembering, that in the U.K. they do have a ‘duty of care’, they do have to carry Professional Indemnity Insurance and they do have a regulatory body with teeth, The Law Society, and that you would have paid less for their services than for an Advocate here to oversee the buying process. I am not talking about the other disbursements, just the fee for their ‘professional’ services.

If you required Dental treatment in 2005/6 here in the TRNC it was priced in accordance with market conditions here at that time, today it has sky rocketed in comparison. The same applies to all medical services and treatment. I have to ask, “is it because we are foreigners and therefore along with the thinking applied in the Property Market, we are an endless supply of cash?”

We all know there is a two tiered pricing system and I wouldn’t be surprised if this same two tiered system is being applied by the ‘Professionals? Before you all rush to comment ‘it is still cheaper than in the U.K.’, yes of course it is but ask yourself, is it as cheap as it should be taking the market conditions demand. We should not compare with the U.K. because we are using the wrong yardstick.

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