Larnaca airport construction disaster

larnaca airport newAlthough only a month old the brand new €656.3m airport in Larnaca is already showing signs that it was not designed properly. The ground floor luggage area is flooded, mud is pouring into the arrival’s hall and the main terminal roof is leaking in several places. If this was not enough, rain damage has caused the elevator to short circuit and has destroyed several electrical circuits.

It would be easy to blame Cypriots for this disaster but the new terminal was built by a major French company, Bouyges Batiment International, and is operated by the Hermes Airports Consortium. Perhaps they had been told that in never rains in Cyprus and that a project costing so much did not need to be weatherproof. This was not the case for Ercan airport which has not had the same problems despite the horrendous weather it has faced and having been renovated at a fraction of the cost of Larnaca airport.

Hopefully this will be the last of the rain stories as, from tomorrow, the weather is going to brighten up and we’ll be back to sunbathing in 20°C sunshine.

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