Help me with my new Girne (Kyrenia) road map – Hans Doeleman

I am asking for help to develop the maps I am creating, starting with the Girne (Kyrenia) map below. The map at needs some more additions. Here they are:

  • More locations of private clinics
  • Kyrenia Society library (is this the official name?)
  • Doctors (recommended by board members): 3x please
  • Dentists (recommended by board members): 3x please
  • Forestry Commission (where people can buy Christmas trees)
  • Some orientation points like schools and/or other landmarks
  • Banks, I’d like to have more locations
  • √ One way streets (I’ll do that myself)

If you can help then please click this URL and look at the bottom right of the map. You’ll find simple instructions there how to use the grid to tell me the exact location.

I designed the map with screens of modern laptops in mind. The size is now 1000 pixels wide and 750 high. Furthermore several Bulletin Boards won’t show part of a larger map. A larger map on other BB’s would force the user to scroll all the time. But I’ll make the final version available and downloadable from one of my sites in hi-res (300dpi) for those who want to print the map on A4 or even A3 in the highest quality.

I considered to use numbered circles and a legend but decided not to do it, mainly because I didn’t know in advance where I had to place the most important Government offices etc.

I may make another Map of Girne (Kyrenia) with popular shops (etc?) but first I’ll do Gazimağusa (Famagusta), because I understand that many people east of Girne have to go there for official matters.

Girne map by Hans Doeleman

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