CTA airline on strike – 7/4/2010

Currently, most or all of Cyprus Turkish Airline staff appear to be on strike. Very little information is being released. This appears to be an unplanned strike and so it is doubtful that CTA will compensate passengers. Most travel insurances, however, will pay out but it is important to check the fine print as some policies state that if you cancel your flight and make alternative arrangements then they will not pay out.

CTA are $100m in debt and have been trying to make cost cuts by reducing staff. This uncertainty could be one reason for the strikes which are being launched at the time of the Presidential elections and could be a way of influencing voting away from the reputedly hardline Eroğlu.

Finding out exactly what is happening is very difficult even if  CTA’s offices in London are contacted. This usually entails a long and expensive wait for a reply and often the staff are as uninformed as the passengers. The London phone number is 02079304851.

Ercan is one of the most expensive airports in Europe for snacks and drinks. A coffee and a sandwich would not leave you much change out of £10. It might be worth stopping off at the supermarket on the way to the airport.

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