Choas at Ercan airport – men allegedly push in front of women, children and disabled

Can only quote a reliable source on Cyprus44:

“We were there this morning for that flight and you can guess where we are at present, and it is not on way to Stansted.

Staff would not deal with Turkish people pushing in at front etc by telling them to get lost. Security man came and he just had a joke and walked away.

We estimate between 50 and 60 people did not get on flight including people in wheechairs, those with very young children and all with nowhere to go or to stay. We know that staff are working without computers or flight manifests and it is difficult but to then be continaully harangued by these rude, arrogant Turkish people who thought they were better than the rest of us…………

We knew flight was full when all the check in staff got up and walked away. Then a short announcement was made in Turkish, not even the courtesy of English given this was a Stansted flight.

All the comments in the queue were the same – not coming here again!!!!!!

What a brilliant advert for TRNC!!!!!!”


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