Atlasjet selling tickets for abandoned CTA passengers’ “extra flights”

Had a quick look at the Atlasjet website and was pleased to see that there was an extra flight put on for CTA ticket holders leaving 22:15 on 6th July 2010. I thought how kind it was of new majority owners Atlasjet to do this for all those Cyprus Turkish Airline ticket holders about to lose their holidays because of the airline’s incompetent TRNC government owners.

I should have let it lie. Out of curiosity I thought I’d just see whether the flight was available for booking. In the end I booked just the outgoing part of the journey (I’ll explain why later.) This is what I got

That’s right they are selling tickets for seat that they pretended were there to help victims of CTA’s collapse. One-way tickets for 4 adults and 2 children cost double the price of the original CTA tickets, and there was worse to come. There are no return flights two weeks later not even for cash money!

This is not helping Mr Kemal Dürüst, Minister of  Tourism, Environment and Culture, perhaps his Music degree will come in useful, especially if he can play the fiddle. Perhaps he would like to join the queue at Stansted on the 6th July and bring along his two children so that he can experience the full impact of his inaction. Bring the President and the Prime Minister and their families along with you but be sure not to queue jump.

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