The sun lounger that bit me

Have you noticed the quality of the plastic here in the TRNC is not wonderful.  I make this observation because today whilst driving between Alsancak and Girne I noticed the shop I bought two sun loungers from was no more.  Gone the same way as an awful lot of businesses here judging from the increasing number of empty shop units with Kiralik in the window.
I felt quite sad really.  I had the distinction of being their first paying customer, probably about four years ago.  I well remember going into the shop and asking the price of the white plastic sunloungers.  I was told; I said the usual incredulous ‘how much?’ and immediately they were reduced by 10 lira each, I am sure we all know how that goes.  The deal was done, I reached into my purse ad the owner said ‘throw the money on the floor’ to which I replied, ‘you what?’, I’ve always had a way with words.   He explained, ‘you are my first customer, throwing the money on the floor is to bring me luck’.
I have to say, it did not work, although he did last longer than the sunloungers.
I was lying on one, one day when something gave my bottom a quick pinch, ‘gerroff, I’ve got a headache’  I said, then I realised that unless my beloved had limboed under the sunlounger, it couldn’t be him,   So I jumped up and looked under the towel, there across one of the slats was a big crack.  There on my buttock was something resembling a love bite.  Now how do I know what a love bite on the butt looks like? Mind your own business! I will have you know in my day I did have a bottom worth biting.
As the crack elongated and widened the ‘biting’ experience became less and less pleasurable and more painful, its twin was also deteriorating at a rate of knots.  So one sad morning, we carried our sunloungers up to the rubbish area and leaned them against the wheelie bin, bid them a fond farewell and returned home.  At this time we were still living on Kulaksiz 5
Later that day, on the way to the shops, I noticed the sunloungers had gone.  I hope their new owners were into a little pain.  Perhaps they knew a way to solder plastic and effect a repair.  In any event, I hope they got as much pleasure from them as I did, initially.
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