The Pizza King is dead, long live Buongiorno!

Last night we decided that a pizza, a plate of chips and a couple of draught Effes would be a quick and reasonably priced meal.

Off we went to Pizza King, but no, it is gone. In its place we have Yummies. Oh well we thought, it will be a little more expensive but we could live with that. We ordered our beer and perused the menu. It soon became apparent that the pizzza alone would be more than we had been paying for the entire bill when Pizza King was there. I like Pizza, but not enough to pay that sort of a price increase. I went to the toillet, no water to flush the toilet or wash my hands. Enough! We paid for the beer, made our feelings known and moved on.

We went up the road a little towards Lapta and found Buongiorno, also in Alsancack, on the main road in the same row of shops as the Gym. We ordered a plate of chips, a Pizza and two beers and guess what, exactly the same price as we would have paid at Pizza King.

The staff were friendly, the place was clean (especially the toilet). The owner showed us many of the dishes he was about to serve to other customers and we were impressed. There is a variety of Pizzas and  Lahmacunlar.  All the usual kebaps and wraps and chicken with hellim we were shown looked delicious and the home-made bread looked and smelled wonderful. If you are looking to be well fed at a price that is affordable and fair, then this is the place for you. The kitchen is open and completely visible and I obsevered the staff washing their hands regularly.

The bill was 24 TL for the two of us and we needed to take a couple of slices home with us as we were so full.

BUONGIORNO gets my vote and my custom.

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