North Cyprus Restaurants | Oris Bar Saturday BBQ | 25TL

North Cyprus Restaurants | Oris Bar Saturday BBQ | 25TL

Wow here we go again! The fun times just continue at Oris Bar.

On Saturday, as well as the excellent ‘all you can eat ‘ BBQ, Michael, mine host, has organised live entertainment. Where else can you get excellently cooked meats, a selection of mouth watering salads and now a live band to entertain you as you feast.

Why not bring the family and join us. The bar is one of the friendliest I have been to. The bar staff, especially our Angie, are crackers. Yes in both senses of the word and the owner Michael is a ‘one off’.

I am told the band is excellent with a good vocalist. I am looking forward to Saturday. I intend to go a little later and stay for the music. Why, I might even treat you to one of my belly dances. That is if I have a little liquid courage first.

The kids have a park/play area so they will enjoy the BBQ too. Mum gets to have a rest from cooking and washing the dishes and Dad, well we all know Dad will be happy watching football on the big screens and relaxing.

25 lira per person, all you can eat, food cooked fresh before your eyes and an afternoon/evening spent relaxing. I can thoroughly recommend the quality and the quantity of the food, the ambiance of the venue and the friendliness of both the staff and the regulars. Come and join us, I know you will love it as much as I do.

Pauline Read

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