UK NHS | Axe the Hospital Closure Clause

UK NHS | Axe the Hospital Closure ClauseUK NHS – Axe the Hospital Closure Clause

Another petition which seems to be worthwhile, in order to fight the closure of hospitals without consultation. If you live in the UK and are reaching the age when having a hospital nearby could be a life or death matter then this should be an important issue for you. The petition is so far being well received.

To sign the petition go to Axe the Hospital Closure Clause Petition

“To: Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health

Dear Secretary of State for Health,

We call upon you to withdraw Chapter 4 and clause 118 of the Care Bill (the ‘hospital closure clause”) that will make it possible to close viable hospitals without proper consultation.

Why is this important?

Recently, Jeremy Hunt lost his appeal against closing Lewisham Accident and Emergency. The law that protected it would be removed if Clause 118 passes.

The Clause will allow the government to close or downgrade any hospital in the country, with barely any consultation of local people, if there is a Trust in financial difficulties anywhere nearby. They will be able to appoint an administrator to one Trust who will be able to take decisions to fast-track the closure of hospitals in another area – no matter how successful or popular those hospitals are – using the ‘unsustainable provider’ legislation that was designed only for insolvent Trusts. If it becomes law, this Clause means that *no* hospital will be safe, no matter how successful.

Check out this link


for more information.”

To sign the petition go to Axe the Hospital Closure Clause Petition

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