Toparlaniyoruz | Will They or Won’t They?

WAGITThe Star Kibris newspaper (24.05.13) reported that a 10- person group of German Parliamentarians crossed over from the south into the north where they held a meeting with Kudret Ozersay, the leader of the Toparlaniyoruz Movement. Translated this apparently means the ‘We Are Getting It Together’ or WAGIT movement.

The same paper adds that Eric Rubin, Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Department of State in the USA, who was the only official who prime minister Irsen Kucuk met with during his visit to the USA, will carry out a visit to the north. The paper alleges that Rubin has asked for an appointment with Kudret Ozersay too. Rubin will also meet with the north’s President Dervis Eroglu on May 30.

In my mind, the only question is whether Toparlaniyoruz will form yet another political party in time for the upcoming elections in the north? Many of us who attended the movement’s early meetings were of the opinion that this was Kudret Ozersay’s original intention despite being told that this was not so. Why else would there be all these top level meetings? Only an opinion, mind you.


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