Joining the Original Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Group


I think by now we are all fed up with this week’s tears and tantrums, time to draw a line in the sand and move on. Suffice to say that at 67 years and with a gyp arm, I do not go around attacking people’s families and I do not have horns and a pointy tale. I am trying to wear my hair in two bobs at the moment, I suppose from a distance they could resemble horns, but a tail, not a sign. As you know poor Agile, now better known as Agile the Naked Plumber, is unable to help with the bobs having only two usable fingers on the one hand and two plus thumb on the other. Ladies reading this will know, when you tie your hair back, it has to be done tightly or it just starts falling and in this heat, it is so uncomfortable.

One commitment I will make, if I discover skulduggery where it should not be, it will be revealed, one way or another. NCFP is not just a property related publication, it has the right to publish on any subject it chooses, indeed that is exactly what it does without fear or favour. If it is not property related it will not be linked to our Facebook Page.

We have had a good growth within our Original Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus FaceBook group. It has been a huge undertaking to start from the one member remaining in the group (me) but we are getting there. I did at one point wonder if it was all worth it but decided, yes it is because whilst there are property scam victims out there, they cannot have too many people on their side. I am mindful of the fact that this is not MY group, the group belongs to each and every member, I am just the caretaker. There will be no arbitary deletions and there will be no censorship. It is inevitable we will not all agree on everything, but we are adult enough to agree to disagree.

The group, as existing members know, is set to ‘secret’ and unfortunately we cannot change this. If you wish to join, please make it known to me using the comment box below. Do not give your personal details in the comment, I’ll use the email address supplied with the comment. If you are not already a friend of an existing member, I will gladly make you my friend and join you to our group. We have nothing to hide so if you want to know what we are doing, you can find out by joining. We have no problem with you being both a member of the Original STBINC group and the other one too. You do not have to leave one to join the other. There is no censorship on our page and you can post anything you wish as long as it property related (sometimes loosely) and it contains no threats or doesn’t break any law. There has been no transferring of members from the other group and those who understand the way the system works will realise it is impossible to do that.

I will be writing about a new project we have in the pipeline very shortly. As a taster, I will tell you it involves a new and effective way of ‘naming and shaming’ all those who seek to profit from property purchasers of all nationalities.

Never give in, never give up

Pauline Ann Read

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