Brother of Woman Accidentally Poisoned in TRNC Hotel Doesn’t Expect Justice

The brother of a a woman who died after drinking cleaning fluid from a water bottle left in her room has has said he isn’t going to take action against the Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel, in Famagusta in the North Cyprus Courts as he doesn’t expect justice.  He said that his attempts to try to find out more about his sister’s death had met a “brick wall”. She drank from the bottle thinking it was water after a cleaner left it on a table of drinks in her room.

Black Country coroner Robin Balmain criticised the Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel, in Famagusta, for its “grossly negligent practice” of transferring the stain remover to a water bottle.

“Anyone seeing the bottle would assume it contained water,” Mr Balmain said.

Mr Green, the victims brother, said: “It has given us closure and I think if we try to pursue it to find out any more, we’re going to hit a brick wall.  Had it happened in this country someone would have been held accountable for gross negligence.  The practice of decanting poison into a small water bottle has to be bad practice.  As a result my sister died. As it was a clear liquid it was a ridiculous thing to do.”

A maid had been arrested but was released without charge. There seems to be no attempt by the North Cyprus Justice System to pursue this case any further.


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