Press Release: Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group

Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group was launched to lobby the government and other relevant agencies about the injustice to buyers in the North Cyprus property market. The insidious practice of taking out mortgages on properties after they have been sold, and the Banks alleged complicity in this fraud, together with many other property scams being perpetrated on unsuspecting purchasers has to be stopped. The aim is to address the existing problems and lobby for meaningful changes to protect new purchasers.

The growth in membership has been startling. From a healthy start in growth we now have an amazing 750 plus members and the numbers grow daily.

We have full support of Embargoed! and the Association of Turkish Cypriots Abroad.

Following a recent meeting with Hasan Sozmener, President of the Cyprus Turkish Bar Asociation and Bar Council, and Feyzi Hansel the Secretary General, we were assured of their personal support and it is hoped that the Bar Council after a meeting of the members may well extend that support to that of the whole of the Bar Council. On a personal level Messrs. Sozmener and Hansel stated that they recognise the moral rightness of our case but the legal rightness did not necessarily concur with that opinion.

The committee consisting of Erol Ziya, Pembe Ibrahim, Pauline Read and Julia Simmonds, intend to lobby on behalf of all members of the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group. We are apolitical, pro TRNC and anti-corruption.

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