Pauline Read Disassociates Herself From Citizens Advice Cyprus

I have found out via reading about it on the CAC page that I am no longer involved in this. Although I actually started the page, Pembe has removed admin from me without reference to me and has announced my no longer being involved in it on the page without consulting me. This is particularly hurtful since as you all know I am recovering from my dislocated shoulder and virtually bedridden at the moment.

I have not been happy with the level of charging she is applying and her attitude to those in need. This has been a source of acute concern to me and I feel to some extent I have been duped. As you all know I feel very strongly about charging those who have lost so much already, I am not stupid enough to believe anything runs for nothing, but believe me I have observed and am deeply troubled

If I am honest, she has done me a favour but my real concern is what she might do with the Stop the Blackmail page, with this in mind I have removed the Admin status from her and hope none of you will object or return it to her. I feel her involvement is opportunistic and she sees the page as a source of income.




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