North Cyprus Koop Bank and Olive Grove Update


Whilst NCFP are only in the business of bringing to you attention facts that we have been able to uncover through our various sources, I have not been too certain if the information now made available to to us will be of benefit to the defrauded purchasers at Olive Grove.

However, it has always been our policy to tell the public the truth.

Since 2008 the Auditors for the above bank have been Tartar & Co. Chartered Accountants and as at the 21 April 2011 this is still so. Well I personally am a little uncomfortable with a publicly owned Bank having as Auditors an Accountancy Firm allegedly owned by the current Finance Minister. Almost as uncomfortable as I am with that Bank giving mortgages to the Builder NCP without the knowledge or consent of the true owners and walking roughshod over the rights of these owners under TRNC mortgage Law, International Law and Human Rights Law.

The jaunty party invite of the 4th June 2005 signed by Erdem ALP, the then Customer Care Executive for NCP seems very jolly. However it does beg the question, Is Erdem ALP in any way related to Gulhan ALP General Manager of Cyprus Turkish Co-operative Central Bank Ltd? A fair question?

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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