North Cyprus Strike Update | Telecommunication workers return to work, KIBTEK workers defy government

TELSEN, the union representing telecommunication workers, said its members would be returning to work after the  government declared their strike illegal. Unfortunately KIBTEK workers have continued their indefinite strike despite it being declared illegal. Electricity is being rationed around  towns and villages and over the weekend all international calls and internet connections were blocked apart from those provided by mobile phone companies. Several banks had to close because of a collapse of their telecommunications network.

The Minister of Health pointed out to strikers from both unions that the government hospital in Nicosia had at one point been left without electricity and phone communications. so that even the emergency services had been unreachable. In a letter to the unions he explained that:

“Even between 1963 and 1974 when our community was fighting for its survival, the power was never cut off to our hospitals.”

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