North Cyprus News | Shopping at Lemar Supermarket, Alsancak

North Cyprus News | Shopping at Lemar Supermarket, AlsancakNorth Cyprus News | Shopping at Lemar Supermarket, Alsancak

When I went to Lemar, Alsancak, yesterday the supermarket hadn’t quite opened. Today I returned with my shopping list. I was surprised that at 9am the car park was almost empty. I first visited the Fruit & Vegetable displays and my impression was that the produce was fresh, as it should be, and very competitively priced. A few examples of this were carrots (1.95TL/kg), beans (3.95TL/kg) and broccoli (2.95TL/kg).

Milk (2.10TL/lt) and Apple Juice (2.10TL/lt) are common bulk buys in my household along with cartons of 15 large free range eggs (7TL). Somehow Lemar has made it cheaper to buy single 50cl bottles of Efes (2.25TL) rather than packs of 4 (9.15TL). Toilet roll 24 packs (7.95TL) and Laughing Cow paprika cheese triangles (1.95TL) were definitely well priced as was mincemeat (22TL/kg) and tinned tomatoes (1,55TL). I bought a bottle of red and white Cuvee Du Patron wine (5.90TL) and will taste it later solely in the name of consumer research.

I have to admit that, so far, this supermarket has become number one for me although I will still be making the occasional bargain trawls in other supermarkets. However, I’ve yet to see if other supermarkets respond by matching Lemar’s bargains and if customer service remains as pleasant and helpful as it was on my first visit.

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