North Cyprus News | Power Strike News Update – 22/1/2012

It has been difficult to gather news about the strikes and some contradictory information has meant that what we hear we take with a pinch of salt. The following is the nearest to a factual account of what is happening from “Big Oz” on Cyprus 44:

These are the facts as from last night – I am translating from the press conference on BRT TV held by the Prime Minister and the minister respomsible for energy:

As of 5.00 pm, 8 technicians from AKSA – the other half of KIBTEK already privately owned & not on strike – had been escorted to TEKNECİK powerplant by special police/military to take over the shift after the strikers were immobilised. They then turned on all generators one by one (which were off). The police had stayed there to prevent any interference from any strikers. By 7.30 pm the whole of TRNC was back to normal and should stay normal, except for a small part in Karpaz, and a small part of Lefkoşa.

The lines to Geçitkale and Yeni Boğaz were apparently sabotaged and they were working to fix them all night. This part was supplied by AKSA who produces 110 MW of the electricity. Because of the sabotage they were also down to 50 MW and could not supplement the cuts by KIBTEK when they went on strike.

They also gave details about the financial situation of KIBTEK (dire!) and stated they are only intending to privatise the “billing and collection” part of the electricity board. Apparently there is a lot of wastage and pirate use of electricity which the current service cannot cope with. Apparently current debts by KIBTEK run up to 250 million! If not sorted, KIBTEK would go bankrupt by June.”

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